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 Sakis and the world

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PostSubject: Sakis and the world   6th August 2006, 12:19 pm

This is not exactly a direct question. It's more like a topic for discussion. Over the years I have heard a lot about Sakis. I have heard from his devoted fans but he has a lot of criticisers too. All you have to de is read the articles and you figure it out.

The Greek media, are torn between praising him (Lifestyle magazines like NITRO) and trowing dirst at him, like serious newspapers.

I thought so what? But when Sakis was exposed to Europe's audiences I realised that some people abroad have the same attitude. All you have to de is read the thread about him in esc forum:



and the message board in IMDb


I am sure that you have noticed examples like that as well in other message boards. Why do you think is that? Exactly what do these strangers have against him? Notice they are not just declaring that they don't like his songs, they practically attack him and his fans. Of course this could be just my idea but if it's not I'd like to hear your opinions.
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PostSubject: Re: Sakis and the world   28th December 2006, 6:52 pm

Della, I already know you from "youtube". You're my vids saviour!! I only knew Sakis a very short time ago. But since it's summer vacation in Brazil I have plenty of time to search the net and I can tell you that I've read lots and lots of articles. I'm so addicted to it that seing a simple S and a R draws my attetion immediately. I guess the reactions abroad could be a reflexion of the Greek press itself. Take me as an example I've gotten so much controversial information that was really scaring! If you stumble to the wrong articles...caput. End of game! Remember that there will always be people saying bad things about every one of us. Imagine of a famous person. It's part of the human nature to be envious of other people's qualities once they themselves don't have.
And we know that Sakis has all the qualities to be envied.
It was almost the same with Ricky Martin. The difference is that Spanish is spoken in almost a whole continent. It's very similar to Portuguese and The USA have a great deal of Latins living there.
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Sakis and the world
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