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 Fizz's Wrestling Roleplay work

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The Fizz


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Scorpio Tiger

PostSubject: Fizz's Wrestling Roleplay work   31st August 2009, 9:19 pm

Even Moldie doesn't know about this. All of these years I been hiding something from you Moldie that I been doing online for such a long time. I been doing this as a hobby for years and only until now I thought it was a good idea to show her and the rest of you the Roleplay work I do currently. Here is what I mean by Role plays.

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Here's my longest RP that I have done in years and I worked really hard doing this one. I am doing another one on Wednesday. Here it is.

Prologue: Starting to get used to being in a relationship with James Toseland and facing against Charlie Doll.

Over the last few days. Fizz has been spending more time with James than she did with Jorge. She was so happy being with James that she wanted to be with him for the rest of her life. She is starting to show some good wrestling as of late since she beat Cassandra last week and James got involved a bit in that match and now this week she has got to face a male wrestler called Charlie Doll who was a lot taller and heavier than she was so this week's match has to count for speed and determination in order to win the match. No matter about the height and weight advantage Fizz was sure that she can overcome the odds and win against the bigger and stronger of Charlie Doll.

Scene 1: At Golds gym Orlando, Florida with Miles and James on Tuesday afternoon.

Miles knows a bit about Charlie Doll as he looked up through him on the internet for Fizz to know what he was like. Miles was quite worried for Fizz this time cos not only he was a male wrestler but he was bigger, taller and stronger than her and today's work that she is going to do is going to be all about speed. She was wearing a t-shirt with grey trousers and white trainers. James was also going to do some training as well as he's got a massive race ahead of him. Miles begins to speak to he pair of them.

Miles Johnson (Manager and fitness trainer of The Fizz and James Toseland): Right today both of you are going to do training together as Fizz has got a match against Charlie Doll on Thursday night while James has got a race at Indianapolis for the weekend. I know that you are in a very tough situation now James but I know deep down in you're heart that you are one tough SOB and you can get those consistent results. Fizz is in a tough situation herself as she's got to face a man that's taller and heavier than she is this week but whatever happens to both of you we will be supporting each other 100%. You got that?

James was scared about the race this week as his seat is in threat as he begins to speak

James Toseland (The Fizz's lover and a Moto GP rider): What happens if I lose my seat to say the likes of Toni Elias, Chris Vermeulen, Mika Kallio, Randy De Puniet and Ben Spies?

Miles was quite angry with James as he asked the losing seat question. He clearly could tell that he had depression which was why Fizz was going out with him. Miles begins to speak.

Miles Johnson (Manager and fitness trainer of The Fizz and James Toseland): James. You shouldn't think like that. The way I see things is that if you get consistent results then you won't lose you're seat and I know you won't. Anyway moving on today James you are going to do some strength training like doing a lot of weights and riding on the bike since you need the power of you're arms to ride a bike while for Fizz it's different. She is going to do lots of running and going on running machines. I want you both to focus hard on the races and the match this weekend and on Thursday. Get down to it.

Before Fizz gets to work she had a question to ask Miles as James goes off to do his training.

The Fizz (James Toseland's lover and a wrestler for Showdown): Do you know anything about this Charlie Doll cos I don't have a clue what he is like?

Miles Johnson (Manager and fitness trainer of The Fizz and James Toseland): Yes I do as I looked him up on the internet for you. OK he's a lot taller and stronger than you so when you are in the ring with him I want you to use more speed meaning going up the turnbuckle and doing some crazy moves in order to take Charlie Doll down as strength and power moves will not work on him this Thursday which why I said for you to do speed work.

The Fizz (James Toseland's lover and a wrestler for Showdown): Thanks for letting me know bits about my opponent Miles. I get down to my work right now.

So Fizz and James spend 6 hours in the gym improving on there fitness and Miles has set up an interview for Fizz to do on Thursday when she gets to Showdown arena. James was also wearing a white t-shirt with black trousers and white trainers. For them it was tough work. At 9pm they finally finished there gym work and they go to the hotel for the night.

Scene 2: Showdown Arena interview with Todd Grisham.

For the 1st time in Fizz's wrestling career. Miles has setted up an interview for Fizz to do in the arena. Yes she doesn't like doing interviews for matches which is why she never does them but it won't hurt doing it for a one off occasion that she was going to do. After all it's not like she does them every single week. She was quite nervous doing an interview promo on camera since she has never ever done anything like this before. She speaks to Miles about this before Todd starts the interview.

The Fizz (James Toseland's lover and a wrestler for Showdown): Are you sure that you want me to do this as I never done anything like this in my life before?

Miles looked at her as if he wasn't happy with her not doing anything like this before. He begins to speak.

Miles Johnson (Manager and fitness trainer of The Fizz and James Toseland): Fizz you really should do things like this once in a while. I know you hate doing interviews before you're matches but James does interviews before and after his races and he does them pretty good but I never heard you do an interview so try you're best. Don't worry everything's going to be fine. Hell I be here in case you do mess up. Do it for me and James ok?

The Fizz (James Toseland's lover and a wrestler for Showdown): OK Miles I will try my best. You are right I should do interviews more but of course not all the time. Yes James does do them good which is why you booked me a time to do this right?

Miles clearly could tell that Fizz was quite nervous about the whole interview thing so James comes out of the locker room and starts talking to her.

James Toseland (The Fizz's lover and a Moto GP rider): You are going to be fine Fizz. Just don't look at the camera just concentrate on looking at Todd and just answer the questions he's going to ask you. Love you lots and try you're best.

James gives Fizz a kiss before he goes back into Fizz's locker room while Miles stands in the background hearing on the answers that Fizz is going to say. Todd Grisham begins to speak to the cameras and interview Fizz.

Todd Grisham (Showdown interviewer): I am standing with The Fizz right now who for the 1st time in her life is going to do an interview with me. So Fizz congratulations on beating Cassandra last week on Super Showdown. What mind have you got coming into this match tonight with Charlie Doll?

Fizz was quite nervous on speaking to her fans for the 1st time. She begins to speak.

The Fizz:(James Toseland's lover and a wrestler for Showdown) Thank you Todd. Well my mind is that I may don't know anything about Charlie Doll but my mind is going to be about determination and I know that I am the underdog in this match but the speed work that I was doing on Tuesday well that changes everything. You see he might be bigger and stronger than me but what matters is that I have more experience of wrestling than he does.

Todd Grisham (Showdown interviewer): So you think with you're experience of wrestling will turn the outcome of the match do you?

The Fizz (James Toseland's lover and a wrestler for Showdown): Yes I think so because yeah I am going up against a wrestler who is taller and stronger than me but that doesn't matter to me he's just an normal male wrestler that is trying to get himself to the top like me. I have been in Showdown longer than you Charlie and I don't even care on how big and strong you are. I will use all of my top rope moves to beat you and use my submission moves on you too.

Miles was quite impressed with Fizz on how she was doing the interview with Todd so far. Todd begins to ask her more questions.

Todd Grisham (Showdown interviewer): So the guy that tried to calm you down earlier is he you're boyfriend?

Fizz got a bit stuck with that question as Miles answered it for her.

Miles Johnson (Manager and fitness trainer of The Fizz and James Toseland): She doesn't really want to talk about her personal life right now. She wants to just talk about the match against Charlie Doll.

Miles went to the background again and Todd asks her another question.

Todd Grisham (Showdown interviewer): OK I ask her that another time since it's the 1st time Fizz has done anything like this. Do you think that submissions and speed will stop Charlie Doll from winning tonight?

The Fizz (James Toseland's lover and a wrestler for Showdown): I am sure of it cos it stopped Cassandra last week so why should this week be any different. I hope Charlie is listening to everything I am saying or better not since I know he sucks in the ring anyway but I don't care if you are bigger and stronger than me. I can always find out ways to beat you and I have beaten lots of male wrestlers in the past and I can do it again Todd. He's no match for me and like I did with Cassandra I am willing to try my best for my fans. Win or lose I always try my best in the ring.

Todd Grisham (Showdown interviewer): So what do you think of Charlie Doll since you are facing him for the 1st time tonight?

The Fizz (James Toseland's lover and a wrestler for Showdown): I think he's stupid thinking the manga stuff is so great and everything. I can tell you that is crap to watch. I watched it a few times and I fell asleep during it. Motorcycle racing is much more exciting than what he watches and reads about everyday. What matters is who's going to be the better wrestler and tonight I am going to be a different wrestler than I have been before. All of my moves tonight are going to be what the fans have been waiting for. Mexican wrestling style where they all do high flying moves in the ring most of the time. That's excitly what I am going to do tonight.

Todd Grisham (Showdown interviewer): Wow full of confidence you have tonight Fizz. Never seen you this hyped-

Before Todd can finish Fizz takes the mic off from Todd and begins to speak.

The Fizz (James Toseland's lover and a wrestler for Showdown): Yes I am hyped up about the match and I am going to entertain the fans what excitly they deserve for me to do in order for me to win the match. Bring you're A game Charlie because it's going to get not nasty but it's going to get me flying up in the sky to win the match and when the ref counts to 3. I will say I made the biggest upset in WWH history by a female smaller wrestler beating the bigger stronger man in the ring. So Charlie. Let's get Fizzicle and you're gonna get Fizzed tonight.

She hands the mic over to Todd and he begins to speak.

Todd Grisham (Showdown interviewer): Thank you for taking you're time out doing the interview with me and good luck for the match tonight.

Miles was really proud of The Fizz as he talks to her.

Miles Johnson (Manager and fitness trainer of The Fizz and James Toseland): Wow Fizz. That was an amazing interview you have done tonight. Maybe I should do this more often setting things like that up and I am sure that James will be proud of you as well.

James comes walking out of Fizz's locker room as he watched and heard everything that was going on outside and begins to speak.

James Toseland (The Fizz's lover and a Moto GP rider): Wow that was a brilliant interview you did tonight darling. You seem really good with that. I am surprised that was you're 1st go at it and it went really well. Well done Fizz and I am proud of you.

James and Fizz hugged each other as both of them go into Fizz's locker room and chat about the match tonight and about the interview that she just did.

I hope that you lot and Moldie like what I do for fun online. Nothing in that RP is real. It's all made up.
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The Fizz


Age : 31
Joined : 2009-08-29
Total Posts : 478
Localisation : London England
Scorpio Tiger

PostSubject: Re: Fizz's Wrestling Roleplay work   2nd September 2009, 4:37 pm

Done another one for today against Jessie Goldberg.

Prologue: Fizz's wins on Showdown as of late.

Fizz really has been on a roll as of late. She was a very happy lady at the moment. She couldn't believe her eyes that she defeated Charlie Doll last week on Showdown and now Fizz is facing the Bombshells champion Jessie Goldberg which for her is a great way on getting more experience with the wrestling business. Was she getting finally noticed in the WWH or it was just for a joke she thought to herself? She will have to wait and see if she does get noticed on WWH or not when she faces Jessie Goldberg this week.

Scene 1: At Fizz's house with James Toseland California at 4PM on Tuesday.

James and Fizz were sitting on the sofa in the living room spending lots of time together and talking about the results that Fizz and James have been getting as of late on Showdown and at Indy. Suddenly the phone rang and Fizz went to pick it up.

The Fizz: Hello.

Man on the phone: Hi Fizz. It's Miles Johnson here.

The Fizz: Hi Miles how are you today?

Miles Johnson: I am doing great thank you Fizz. How about you and James?

The Fizz: We are doing fantastic thank you. Why are you phoning me though?

Miles Johnson: Do you mind if I come over today. I want to tell you the big news about future matches?

The Fizz: Of course not Miles. After all we weren't doing anything today anyway so come on over. I see you in a while.

Miles Johnson: OK Fizz. I come over in about 5 minutes time. I got to get my paperwork together for the news I will tell you when I get there. Bye for now.

The Fizz: Oh ok then. Bye.

Fizz put the phone down and James begins to speak as Fizz sits next to him on the sofa.

James Toseland: Who was that on the phone Fizz?

The Fizz: It was Miles James. He's going to be coming over in 5 minutes as he wants to tell me the big news.

James Toseland: What big news is that Fizz?

The Fizz: I don't know what but it's something to do with my future matches that I got coming up.

James Toseland: Oh I see. I hope it's good news for you Fizz. I mean after all you have showed some impressive wrestling as of late against Cassandra and Charlie Doll.

James and Fizz were giving each other a snog after they chatted on who was on the phone and now they cuddled until Miles opened the door and Miles begins to speak.

Miles Johnson: Wow you two are really in a good relationship together. Seems like the relationship is going well between you both.

Fizz and James felt a bit guilty for themselves as they were cuddling in front of Miles. James begins to speak.

James Toseland: Oh I am sorry Miles. I didn't hear you walking in through Fizz's door.

Miles Johnson: It's ok James. I mean you two are boyfriend and girlfriend after all. I let you two cuddle as much as you both like well outside wrestling, racing and promotion world. Anyway I am here because I got to tell Fizz something really big but I think you should listen to this too James.

Fizz was beginning to get nervous on what Miles was going to tell her. Who wouldn't be especially she doesn't know what it is about. James on the other hand was also nervous too. Fizz begins to speak.

The Fizz: Tell me the news already as I am getting nervous already of you not telling me.

Miles was busy getting the paper work out of his bag on the news that will shock her and James. He begins to speak.

Miles Johnson: OK in this paper work I got in my hand. Last night the boss of this company Adrian Hart called me up about you Fizz and he told me that you have got a championship shot at Shogun against Rose Cortez and the Women's World Champion Shady Layne in a Triple Threat match. So I want you to train extremely hard for that match nearer the time.

Fizz stood there in shock to hear that she got a match against the 2 best women wrestlers for the Women's World title. She couldn't believe it. Since she was in tears at the moment. James talks about it.

James Toseland: Oh my god. This is fantastic Fizz. I am so happy to hear this as much as you are. I can't believe it's true.

The Fizz: Bloody hell after my dominant wins against Cassandra and Charlie Doll I ended up getting a title match against Rose Cortez and Shady Layne? This is brilliant news. I am lost for words right now. Thank you so much for telling me this news Miles. Do you mind if me and James kiss and cuddle for this news?

Miles Johnson: You are welcome Fizz and yes you can since we aren't working right now.

Fizz and James kiss and cuddle each other a lot and they snogged each other too and then Fizz begins to speak.

The Fizz: Sorry I needed to do that. Gosh I can't wait for Shogun now. I got to prove myself against Jessie Goldberg tomorrow though on Showdown since she is the bombshells champion.

Miles was smiling at her for being very clever already from the get go and begins to speak.

Miles Johnson: You are smart already. That's exactly why Adrian put you in this match against her because to see if you can prove yourself who you are and what you made of and also to see if you can beat the bombshells champion. If you win you're match against Jessie on Thursday it would be another story. Plus it's great news for our promotion that it's going to be well known to the world of wrestling as well as bike racing. The event is in Japan so what I am going to do is book the flight for the 3 of us to go there and the hotels so we can get ahead of ourselves.

James Toseland: That's amazing for our business too Fizz. Things look like they are going our way at last. Congratulations Fizz. That's soon though this week I want you to focus on Jessie Goldberg. I think we should go to Rhode Island right now.

Miles also thought James was being smart too. He begins to speak.

Miles Johnson: You two are on the ball today. Exactly what I was going to say. Come on Fizz and James. Let's go to Rhode Island right now.

So Fizz and James go and get there things together for the Showdown place in Rhode Island while Miles puts all the paper work away and they go and get a plane to Rhode Island.

Scene 2: Fizz's hotel room with James Toseland and Miles Providence, Rhode Island at 9PM Wednesday.

Fizz, James and Miles were sitting on the bed where it was a big bedroom more than they are used to since Fizz was going to be in a championship match pretty soon so she got treated specially and Fizz and James liked it a lot as so did Miles. Miles begins to speak.

Miles Johnson: Well who do we have facing Fizz tomorrow? Ah it's the bombshells champion Jessie Goldberg who said nothing about Fizz in the promo and is more worried about Andy Rhodes attacking her again and Jenna Sky who is doing commentary at ringside. You should be worried about The Fizz because she has had 2 wins as of late. You don't have a clue how good Fizz is in the ring.

James Toseland: Hm also seems like she is too busy kissing the life out of Jesikah and talking about the secretary not letting her in. Well that's tough. Yes we can admit that me and Fizz are in a relationship and kissing before the match but that was for a good reason unlike you two. Don't even think about coming into the ring and attack Fizz because I can assure you that I will be in that ring attacking you Jesikah.

The Fizz: Yeah she seems like that she doesn't even care about being a champion of the company and also doesn't even care on who she is facing tonight and yet she's thinking about the recent attacks that she received. I don't even care about Jenna Sky being at ringside commentating on our match as long as we have a good match is all I really care about. Hell I am not worrying about Shogun right now either because I want to show Rose and Shady what I can do in the ring and prove them wrong on the fact that I am worthy of a title shot and what a good example I am going to show them when I face Jessie Goldberg tomorrow night.

Miles was thinking what to say at this point as Fizz noted some really good points there but he remembers that she has a dad called Bill Goldberg that used to be a wrestler himself that failed when he came to WWE and he begins to speak.

Miles Johnson: Also her father used to be a wrestler as well don't forget Fizz and James known as Goldberg back in the days. Wasn't impressive enough for us to know he was the best but at least you're dad knows how to wrestle and how to think before every match unlike you Jessie. You only care about what's going to happen with Andy Rhodes and Jenna Sky. Fizz doesn't care about either of those girls because 1. She will be kicking you're butt all over the place and 2. None of them are in the Shogun match against her.

James Toseland: That's right. I know that Fizz can and will beat you in the ring Jessie because she isn't what you think she is in the ring if you have a look at the latest match she had against Charlie Doll a situation that she was clearly the underdog and she won the match. If she can do it against him I can see her doing it again on a champion.

Fizz was brushing her hair when James was talking. She noticed that it was her turn to talk as James goes to the loo while she stops brushing her hair and begins to speak.

The Fizz: Like James said. I could do that again being the underdog in this match and I could careless about Jenna Sky since she's got nothing and I mean nothing to do with me. She has class on what she does in the ring. You on the other hand don't and I have no idea why I am in you're mess I am going to be in Showdown tomorrow. I know that like last week's match I am going to need determination but I am going to be more focused tomorrow night because clearly you are not going to be focused on me and I can beat you quickly for not doing that. I am a wrestling diva and I am proud to be and get to where I am today. You only got into wrestling cos of you're dad that's why you are on top of things and why you are the champion right now.

Miles was doing some paper work before he came back to Fizz's bed and begins to speak again.

Miles Johnson: Yes Fizz is right there. You have no chance on beating her all because of you not going to be focused on wrestling Fizz and think you are in a match with Jenna Sky who isn't going to care about Fizz and be looking more for you to see how you do oh wait Jenna will see you Jessie get pinned or tap out to Fizz's moves.

James comes out of the loo and knows that it was his turn to talk and he starts.

James Toseland: Now you have got Fizz into the mess that she never wanted to be in. I hope you realise on what Fizz is saying because if you don't you will be in for an embarrassment of you're life by getting defeated by Fizz and win the match. Nothing can and will take Fizz off from anything. She has been stronger than she has been before and will outdo you in the ring.

Fizz stopped brushing her hair and finished of talking about the match.

The Fizz: I didn't want to be apart of the mess but I guess that's life about wrestling. I do hope that Rose and Shady will be watching because they will know that I can compete in the ring and beat the champion with either a pin fall or a submission and they will be scared of me. I think Jessie is scared of me already and that's why she clearly isn't focused on me because she knows that I will beat her. I will be walking away of this match as the winner and that I have beaten the champion and that's exactly what I am going to do tonight. Let's get fizzicle and you're gonna get fizzed tomorrow and you won't be able to stop me.

Miles goes back into his bedroom while James and Fizz got undressed for bed. They turned out the lights and they went to sleep together.
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Fizz's Wrestling Roleplay work
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