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 Sakis Rouvas - Status Awards "Singer of 2009"

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PostSubject: Sakis Rouvas - Status Awards "Singer of 2009"   15th February 2010, 7:40 am

Sakis Rouvas - Status Awards "Singer of 2009"

Alter Ego wrote:
Cata wrote:
can someone translate what he said when he recieved the award please?

transfer roller ...

Leading ..
Nomination "Singer of the Year" is just one of its sides, as he also dances and sings and plays in films. If Babinotis (Linguist-etymology, the author of an etymological dictionary) wants to keep up with neologisms present time, it should include in his dictionary the name of his fan club. We want to say that he had proven the actor, who is not afraid to risk their own and always succeeds.
Certainly, all knew who we were talking about, because we no longer like him.
But, despite this, let us still will invite people to this year, with him looking for a new pop star.
From our director of communications ANT1 (Pr-director), Katherine Gagaku, Director of Channel ANT1 - Leventis, composer - and music Feofanus-prodyusor Muratidis.

Muratidis ...
Good evening, all is well, if Catherine did not put them to this 12-inch heels))) Do not stand near me)))
So I met him in 1991, he was then quite young, but already then emitted radiance. I remember clearly how we went with him to concerts .. I asked him want to show James Brown? - "YES", the concert Blondy? - "Yes. We went with him to concerts., It is absolutely unknown at the time and in spite of that people turned and looked at him. And then I thought to myself that on this guy a star. Tagzhe I remember at a festival in Thessaloniki, I was on the jury, he would sing a song in jeans and a t-shirt, the organizers said that in a way forbidden to sing., But he insisted and went out and sang ....

Feofanus ...
I met him in the studio, it was a period when my son was born. We have often seen together looking for the words and music in the classic collection is for us .. where songs «Δεν έχει σίδερα η καρδία σου» and so forth. Songs that he still sings that makes me very happy.

Leventis ...
Good evening. I met him in 1997. I was at a conference in Crete Elounda. I was then told that there rests a Greek artist. I went down to the beach so as to meet him and see 200 meters from the sea with the long hair guy, surfing .... It appears from the water ... and emits light. The next day I saw him at a concert ... and since then I have his friend and admirer. He is what you see, it is real, it really big star, I'm glad that we in Greece have such a man. He is a very good actor ..

Muratidis ..
And the most perfect guy in the world.

Gagaku ..
(Leventis) Well done, no errors! I had to say it))) (It is understood that Leventis declines and conjugates wrong when he says in Greek)

So, I met him in 2003, but it is not relevant to the case. The main thing that he has the X factor because he is an absolute X-factor. What makes our job more difficult. Because we are very strict, but children must show their maximum capacity, because the they are side by side with Sakis, a very weighty unit of comparison. I think he is the absolute personality, an absolute star he is very talented, but what distinguishes him from others is his modesty, which practically does not exist in this area is rare.

Muratidis ..
Let's look at video of him ...


The most durable pop-idol of modern Greek music scene. The absolute hero of the year 2009: in the explosive idea of music-Eurovision Song Contest in Moscow, many music-awards for his recent album «Ήρθες», head at night and live performances, a concert in the Kalimarmaro, filling of which, has broken all records for any of the Greek actor. But, Sakis not only plays a major role in music, he successfully leads a TV program X Factor, he has earned the respect of critics in a totally opposite role for himself - a maniac \ killer in the movie «Sta akra». 2009 was more than, «OLA KALA» (all good) for Sakis Rouvas.

Leading ..

Ladies and Gentlemen: Sakis Rouvas!

Sakis ..
Good evening. I feel a deep humility being here on this stage where we just saw such respected people who went here to get rewards. For me this year was really wonderful, I want to thank all the readers, don `t know what it is, they chose me, but I know what I'm doing, I do it with passion, with love, and I feel very fortunate that I lived such beautiful moments in the past year. Besides that I'm sharing the stage with the audience and sing to them, I still saw my daughter puts out its first candle (applause here) and it was very bright, what happened in 2009. I want to thank you all for your love and I I hope that when I see something in your eyes, what I saw when you looked at Mr. Weng (The most famous Greek comic cinema and theater, has appeared in more than 120 films in about half of them in the lead role). This will be the greatest reward that I could ever get. Thank you very much.

p.s. The text is written about that Sakis before going on stage to podoschel Fanas Wenge and kissed his hands, thereby showing his respect and admiration for him. And the words that he uttered at the end of his speech, touched the great comedian.

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Sakis Rouvas - Status Awards "Singer of 2009"
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